• Gordon Brown

"Fraudster, Imposter Alert

Chatting to one you today and this came up again. So, thought I would ask about it here. How many of you, say in the workplace or elsewhere look like to the onlooker that you are amazing at what you do and a leader in your field? And of the same people, despite how others view you, how many of you feel like a fraudster or imposter who will get found out at some point because of the chaos that goes on backstage that no one gets to see?

I posted this on my Facebook page and there has been a huge response to confirm that this is very much how it feels for many people with ADHD.

However, you ARE AMAZING with the things you are good at. It's the normal every day things that are difficult and that's what we can help you with. Keep being amazing but let us help you get your other stuff done.

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