Assessment & Treatment Service For Children And Adults Affected By ADHD & Autism

As the leading independent ADHD & Autism service in Scotland, we’re committed to going above and beyond to provide our patients and families with the professional care and attention they need and deserve. With our highly experienced team, together with our range of services, you can rest assured that we can help those affected by ADHD & Autism to fulfil their potential in life.

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It has never been easier to have an ADHD or Autism assessment as we can now assess a child or adult in the comfort of their own home via ZOOM or Microsoft Teams. Assessments are booked online as normal but when it comes to the face to face part of the assessment, this can now be done online. So, whether you live in Aberdeen, Manchester or London, distance doesn't matter. 

If you suspect either you or your child has ADHD or Autism, then what are you waiting for? Book your assessment now.

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No one with ADHD or Autism should ever be left behind


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